10 profitable small business ideas with little capital

 10 profitable small business ideas with little capital

Do you want to know 10 profitable small business ideas with little capital? If your answer is yes then here you can know all business strategies.

Trading with little money may sound a bit different. But it is real. Nowadays people are becoming millionaires in less time through small businesses.

Business people have a dream to become a successful businessman in life.


But there are many people who cannot fulfill their dream of doing business due to lack of money. We know that to start any business requires capital.

So many people do not even dream of business. But it is a misconception that it will take millions of money to do business.

Today I will tell you some business ways that you can start with little money.

If you love labor then you can start a nice business with very little capital and brighten your future life.

So let's see today's post what are the 10 profitable small business ideas with little capital?

01. Tea Shop Business 

Currently, tea is a very popular beverage in Bangladesh. As far as I know there is no person in the country who does not like tea. Such people are very rare.

In the densely populated country of Bangladesh, there is no shortage of tea shops in alleyways. In a word, the people of this country love tea very much.

One thing to keep in mind before starting any business today is that the business has high customer demand. People always start businesses to meet their daily needs.

It is clear from the words that if you start a business according to the needs of the people, it is possible to improve the business a lot.

So if you want to do profitable business with small capital then you can start tea shop business.

How much capital is needed to start a tea shop business? You can start this business by spending only 2 thousand to 3 thousand rupees.

If you spend 2000 taka daily in tea shop, you will earn at least 5000 taka.

For example, if you sell 1 cup of tea for 5 taka, here your cost will be 1 taka more, maximum 2 taka. Then you will earn 3 rupees on a cup of tea.

Hope you understand how to profit in tea shop business with little capital.

02. Coffee shop business

is currently the most popular drink in the world. If you are interested in small business like coffee shop, you can start with small capital.

Coffee shop business is profitable. To start this business you have to spend 5000 rupees initially.

For example, an electric machine is available in the market for making coffee. It will cost some money.

Besides, there are no other expenses in the coffee business. If you earn 1000+ daily then you can use the coffee shop business idea. Small business with little capital but profitable.

For example, if you sell 1 cup of coffee for 20 rupees, you will spend only 11 rupees. You can earn 9+ rupees per cup.

03. Village Business Ideas

Today there are many business avenues for those living in villages. Do you want to know village business ideas?

Good amount of money with little capital. Earn be able to

(a) Raw material business

In the present era, if you want to do any business from the village. Then we will advise you that you can trade in raw materials. This business is most popular. Because you can earn good amount of money by spending little money in this business.

The business of raw materials is very important because the daily necessities of the present time are raw materials. For example, raw materials are very important to meet the daily food shortage of those who live in cities. We know that these raw materials are not cultivated in the city.

Due to which the people in the city have to bring formalin-free green vegetables to onions, chilies, garlic, many kinds of fruits etc. but from the village to meet their needs.

If you are a villager, you can surely cultivate these kinds of daily essential raw materials. You can farm the raw materials yourself or with others and take them to the city to sell them at retail or wholesale prices.

It does not cost much money to cultivate the above raw materials. If you start this farming by spending 5 thousand to 7 thousand rupees, you can earn four times. If you can work here with time, you can own a lot of money in a short period of time.

(b) Rearing of cows, goats and goats, chickens

If you live in a village, you can start a business by rearing cows, goats or ducks, chickens etc. For example: At present, many women in the village build small farms and keep cows, goats, pigs, chickens, pigeons, etc.

The best business idea for girls is to build a farm in the village and start a small business by raising cows, goats and chickens. If you can build a farm in the village and keep 1,2 cows, 1,2 goats and 10 donkeys, 10 chickens, then you can earn good amount of money.

If you build a farm and work, you can start a profitable business with little capital. Think if you buy a cow for 20 thousand and rear it for a year you can sell it for 80 thousand to 1 lakh.

And if you keep goats, then buy goats and you can earn good amount of money by selling the kids after 6 months.

Besides, if you buy 10 donkeys and 10 chickens and build a farm with very little money, you can earn a lot of money through this. Which laughing chickens will you buy?

Yes friends, we know that Haas and chickens are reared by village women. You can start a business by buying 10-20 chickens instead of buying 1-2 chickens. It will take 3000 taka to buy chicken and 10-20 taka. And you can start a business with this little money and earn 10 to 20 thousand taka per month.

04. Pharmacy business

is currently located anywhere in Bangladesh, whether it is a village or a city. Pharmacy is a popular business everywhere. In this business you can earn a lot of money with little investment.

Because medicine is a daily necessity of people nowadays. For example, we have common fever, cough, headache etc. That's why we go to the pharmacy to buy medicine. That's why medicine is a daily companion of people.

The most interesting thing is that we can buy all kinds of things in the market, but our prices do not work in one place. And that is the pharmacy.

Here you have to buy at the price you are told. So you can start the business with little capital. You can sell twice the price of the drug from the company and make half the income.

For example, if you buy 100 tablets from a company for 500 rupees, when you sell them at retail, you will see that you have sold 1000 rupees. So you can start working with this business idea in mind.

05. Grocery Store Business Nowadays

a better business name is grocery store. In these grocery stores, people buy all the products they need daily. CE shops are called grocery shops.

If you want to run a grocery store in a city or village, you can start the business with little capital. We know that grocery stores are mostly found in villages.

If you run a small grocery store, you can start a good business by spending 10 to 20 thousand rupees. What types of products will the grocery store sell? For example: the things that people need daily - snow, powder, shampoo, oil, soap, different types of small children's shrine, chocolate, biscuits etc.

If you start a business with a small grocery store by buying these things, you can wait for some time and expand the store. This is how you can become a successful businessman one day.

06. Clothing Business

If you want to start a small business with little money, you can start a clothing business. At present, there is a lot of profit in the cloth business. We know these clothing stores are mainly for women.

Currently we know that women have more access to the market than men. So when a woman sees a share or cloth shop, she goes there and buys the cloth. Nowadays women's fashion is different types of dresses or clothes.

If you start a clothing business, you can start the business with little money. I have already said that there are many benefits in this work. For example, suppose you own a clothing store and carry a wide variety of clothes. If you buy clothes wholesale for 500 taka per piece, then you can sell it at retail for 1000 taka. So I suggest you that you can do cloth business anywhere in city or village.

07. Electronic business

We know electronic business is one of the best way to earn good money nowadays. If you want to start an electronic business with a small amount of money, you will be able to prosper in your future life. Profitable Business Ideas with Small Capital

Electronic goods are essential for everyone's homes these days. Because there is electricity everywhere in the city or village. Since there is electricity, people have to come to electronic shops.

Eg: Someone comes to buy lights, fans, electronics etc. If you start an electronic business with these goods, you can earn good amount of money.

08. Seed Shop Business

All the vegetables we eat every day are grown on land. So it can be said that seeds are required to plant vegetables. So it can be assumed that it is impossible to grow vegetables without seeds. Profitable small business ideas with little capital.

Currently there is a lot of demand for seeds in the country. You should start a seed store business to meet this demand. If you start a seed business, you will come to collect seeds from many areas to buy good quality seeds. And you can earn good amount of money by selling those seeds.

09.bakery business

Who wants to start a business as a Bakery business is one of them. Because if you can work here successfully then you can earn good amount of money in short time by spending little money.

What type of food is mainly prepared in a bakery? For example: Biscuit, Chanachur, Cake, Bread etc. Nowadays there is a lot of demand for such foods. So you can use bakery business idea as your first business. Profitable business ideas with little capital.

10. Business of agricultural products

We all know that our Bangladesh is an agricultural major country. In terms of economy in our country, the most income is from agriculture sector. And for this reason it can be easily assumed that most of the people in our country are related to agricultural work.

And based on these farmers, you can earn money by trading profitable agricultural products. If you can do business in agricultural products here, you can do it in your village.

Starting an agricultural products business does not require much money. You can start this business by spending only 10 to 20 thousand. So you can follow our advice and decide today to start an agricultural products business.


Today I have shown you on this page 10 profitable small business ideas with little capital. If you read these businesses well, you can start working with any business.

Hope to be established soon. Do business and build your own future. Share this post if you like it. Thanks for being with us.

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