How can I profit from AppSumo in 2022? and analysis

 How can I profit from AppSumo in 2022? and analysis.

Have you ever heard of AppSumo? If you haven't already, keep reading; if you have, you might pick up some tips to make the most of it. 

What is AppSumo?

Noah Kagan created the daily deal website AppSumo in 2010 to link vendors of digital goods and services with Sumo-lings, or prospective customers. The products on Appsumo are heavily discounted in order to draw customers, which gives it a distinctive quality. Finally, the sellers benefit from new clients, positive reviews, and a lot of buzz surrounding their names while the buyers, or Sumo-lings, benefit from affordable deals. By slashing the cost of your product to an absurdly low level, AppSumo promotes it.

How does AppSumo Work?

The way AppSumo operates is fairly simple.

Every week, they release about three new deals for Sumo-lings to devour. These offers, as I've already mentioned, are incredibly cost-effective; some of them can be had for less than a year's rent.

Naturally, Sumo-lings don't just buy them because they're cheap.

Highlighting each deal takes a lot of time and effort on the part of AppSumo. They perform some of the most crucial work for you because they only display the best of the best (exactly 10% of the applications they receive).

When they write your copy, beta-test your product, and write a review, they become true partners in everything they do.

Customers have arrived, codes have been prepared, deals have gone live, and reviews have been posted. Approximately two weeks or until the codes expire.

After the partnership agreement expires, AppSumo moves on to the next candidate to go through the same procedure. Finally, Sumo-lings benefit from great deals, partners gain visibility and customers, and AppSumo continues to be the best place for this type of mutually beneficial relationship.

AppSumo Pros:

  • Because AppSumo has a sizable subscriber list and a potential audience of over million people, you can attract customers for your SaaS/product with little effort on your part.

  • Even after giving up 70% of your revenue, you can still make six figures if your product is a success.

  • 90% of people are paying for something they might only use once or twice a year if only 10% of them actively use your product over the course of a year. This indicates that 90% of these individuals won't get in touch with you for customer service or to ask about new product releases.

AppSumo Cons:

  • 70% of your income is given up. 

  • Google may rank AppSumo higher than you, placing their LTD page ahead of your brand name.

  • Your customer service channels will see tens of thousands of new users if your product isn't intuitive but your marketing is.

How can I profit from AppSummo?

We can make money from AppSummo in two different ways.

  1. AppSummo Affiliate Program.

  2. Sell our products on AppSummo.

  1. AppSummo Affiliate Program.

Affiliates could sign up for the affiliate program of AppSummo. We can sign up for the affiliate program on the official appsummo website.

You will be directed to the "Become an AppSummo Affiliate" page after clicking the "Become an AppSummo Affiliate" button. You will be brought to the impact area. due to the fact that AppSummo joined the Impact Partner program. As a result, by completing the impact application form, you can sign up for the AppSummo Affiliate program.

Affiliate Commissions:

  1. Earn 100% of sale when you refer a new AppSumo customer and up to 5% on sales to existing customers.

  2. 30days cookies.

  1. Sell our products on AppSummo.

We can sell our digital products on AppSummo by following these 4 steps.

  1. Complete the application correctly.

But remember how important the first action was. A poor application can eliminate you from the competition even if you have the coolest tool.

The staff at AppSumo needs to understand your qualities before they can begin caring about your product. If you can't get their attention by introducing the tool and letting them know what you do and what you want to become, they won't be able to help you. How do you make the application appear flawless, furthermore?

  1. Pay attention to the Beta.

It's time for the infamous AppSumo phone call and the Beta-lings' product testing.

At this point, when your product is being evaluated critically before it is actually launched (keep in mind that they may still reject you), the best you can do is one thing.

In all conceivable circumstances, you will receive high-quality feedback from AppSumo's most dependable Sumo-lings. You will receive a comprehensive report on how to improve your product even if they decide you are not yet ready for launch. You should pay attention to them and act if they say you're ready to go after making some adjustments.

  1. Sumo-lings enjoy researching products that include:

Give the Sumo lings what they ask for.

You will receive advice on how to prepare a deal from AppSumo's renowned business development team after your product has been evaluated and improved.

What will happen is that the team will advise you to offer the product at a sizable discount. You'll be on guard. But you'll prevail in the end.

Sumo-lings enjoy looking at products like:

  1. excellent integrations

  2. features of management

  3. client domains

  4. anything free or unlimited.

  5. In fact, good deals (or they mob you).

As a result, you comply with their requests when they ask you to include these features in your offering. Since you are all involved, their success is also your success and vice versa.

  1. Put your product on the market.

There are a few things you should check again just before the launch without the help of AppSumo.

  • Can your customer service staff handle the workload? I've said it before, and I'll say it again: a sizable group is made up of sumo-lings. If your product is even merely passable, you will receive a deluge of support requests. You'll get a lot of bad press if you don't get your support team ready before the battle.

  • You must have documented support if you are worried that your support team won't be able to handle the pressure. Because no one enjoys speaking with customer service, you will still need at least some written support even if your support team is operational.

You are prepared to proceed once you have finished all of these steps.


There is no avoiding it. AppSumo can make or break a company's success. However, if you know how to play your cards wisely, you can quickly earn money, receive favorable reviews, and attract loyal clients.

You can now make money with AppSumo.

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