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How to make money with amazon bounty program as a beginner in 2022

 How to make money with amazon bounty program as a beginner in 2022?

I'm going to discuss one of the most well-known websites for making money online in this post. To make money online, there are a ton of platforms and websites available. However, if you join them, you must wait for your account to be approved.

You don't have to wait for permission in this instance, though. Instantaneous approval is possible. The world's most popular online retail site is Amazon. thus enabling you to advertise your bounty program everywhere. You can earn a set sum of money if someone joins a bounty using your link.

What is amazon bounty program?

Simply put, by promoting Amazon's services and initiatives to their audience in addition to its products, Amazon affiliates can increase their income through the company's bounty program.

The Amazon bounty program pays a flat advertising fee for each transaction rather than a percentage commission on sales of suggested Amazon products.

How do I sign up for the Amazon bounty program?

You must first create an Amazon associate account in order to take part in the bounty program. Let's now look at how to create an Amazon associate account if you don't already have one. Step-by-step guidelines

  1. create Amazon Affiliate Program

To get started, visit the Amazon Associates main website and click the yellow Register button in the top corner.

On the following page, you must sign in using an active Amazon account. To access the registration page if you don't already have one, click the Create an Amazon account button:

After completing the registration process, go back to the Amazon Associates homepage and sign in with your information. Following that, you can start completing the affiliate program application.

  1. Fill your personal information and website.

On the first page, titled "Account Information," you'll be prompted to enter and verify your contact information, which includes your name, address, and phone number.

At the bottom of the page, select the primary contact for the account you are creating. By selecting the option Payee from the list above, you can designate yourself as the payee. By selecting the second option, you can also add another interaction.

Yes, you can type the URL of the website where you want to promote Amazon products in this box. Examples include mobile apps, websites, blogs, YouTube channels, and social media profiles.

  1. Create Your Profile

On the Profile page, you'll be prompted to enter some details about your website(s) or mobile app (s). First, create your Associates ID. You may use your name or the name of your website here. You'll also include the ID in your affiliate links.

After that, put your website's purpose in a few sentences. Pick from the provided topics the ones that most accurately describe your website, the Amazon products you want to promote, and the kind of website(s) or app(s) you own:

In the Traffic & Monetization section of the page, you must explain to Amazon how you plan to increase traffic to your website and monetize your content. Choose from the lists provided the options that apply to your website:

Before clicking Finish, you should read the Associates Program Operating Agreement that is referenced in the Contract Terms section.

An Amazon associate account has now been created by you. Therefore, you can get paid for promoting the Amazon bounty program.

Where can I find amazon bounty program on my amazon associate account?

You can begin after setting up an Amazon associates account. There will then be a menu bar at the top of the Amazon Associate account home page.

Lock the image above to learn more about the Amazon bounty program.

What are bounties in Amazon associates?

There are 11 bounties available on Amazon. There is a set commission for each bounty. You can earn anywhere from $3 to $30 by promoting bounties.

I'll now go over some of the best rewards. It is easy to advertise. If someone signs up or utilizes the free trial through your Amazon bounty link. You have a chance to gain the bounty sum.

  1. Amazon Prime

Get compensated for each Prime Gift Membership purchase made using your link.

You will receive a set advertising fee for each Gift of Prime 3-month or 12-month membership plan you drive (bounty).

  1. Amazon Prime 30-Day Free Trial

A one-year subscription to Amazon Prime comes with a final price of $139. Numerous advantages are available to Prime members. The best benefit, though, is free one- or two-day shipping on the majority of Amazon items.

  1. Audible Plus

The world's largest selection of titles, from well-known classics to brand-new releases and original podcasts, is available from Audible, an Amazon audiobook service. Listeners can download or stream their preferred titles with an Audible membership.

  1. Create Amazon Business Account

Users who are permitted to purchase office supplies on Amazon on behalf of their employers can be designated by each company. The primary administrator can manage payment methods, shipping addresses, approval workflows, reporting options, and other things depending on the requirements of the company.

  1. Amazon Wedding Registry

Couples can choose from more than 250 million items on the Amazon Wedding Registry, including toasters, guitars, and trampolines. Making a registry enables them to receive their gifts on the wedding day.

  1. Audible Gift Memberships

If you like to read but don't have much free time, think about listening to books. An Amazon subsidiary called Audible produces and sells audio books.

  1. Create an Amazon Baby Registry

On Amazon Baby Registry, expectant mothers can compile a wish list of baby gear. Then, your loved ones and friends can give you things from your baby registry.


You can learn more about the Amazon bounty program from this article. as well as other facets of idea promotion, including how to make money from it. so that you can understand the purpose of this program. You won't have to wait for approval and joining is easy. They will approve your account after you create one.

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