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New Top 8 Pay per Lead Affiliate program for beginners in 2022

 New Top 8 Pay per Lead Affiliate program for beginners in 2022.

To earn money online, there are a ton of affiliate programs available. Affiliate marketing offers two ways to profit. The first is advertising affiliate goods and services. Bringing leads to an affiliate network is the second.

I will therefore discuss the second one in this article. That is how the pay per lead affiliate program makes money. Making money is a cinch. Because you can generate sales without promoting a product or giving a description of it.

Don't worry if you don't know anything about this pay per lead program. Anyone can profit from it.

What is a Pay per Lead Affiliate Program?

to understand how pay-per-lead affiliate programs operate. An overview of the various categories of affiliate marketing programs will be given first.

  1. Pay Per Lead (PPL) – Also referred to as CPA (cost per action) or PPA (pay per action), PPL pays you each time a lead (contact information) is acquired.

  2. Pay Per Click (PPC) - Even if a user doesn't become a lead or a customer after clicking on your affiliate link, you still receive payment.

  3. The most typical form of affiliate marketing is pay per acquisition (PPA). A commission is earned for each sale generated by your marketing efforts.

Through conventional affiliate marketing, you are compensated with a commission when you bring in a new paying customer for a business. However, with pay-per-lead affiliate programs, you are compensated each time you generate a new lead, regardless of whether that lead ends up becoming a customer.

List of the Affiliate programs that pay per lead

You can use this list to find the top pay per lead affiliate programs. The brief review of this affiliate program is available.

  1. Freshdesk

Award-winning cloud-based customer service tool Freshdesk makes communication between companies and their clients simple.

Small and medium-sized businesses can use this software, which is compatible with a number of support channels (web, email, phone, and social media).

  1. Rankpay

Rankpay is a pay-per-performance search engine optimization company. They will try their best to get a page to the top of the search results for the keywords you specify. If it works, you only have to pay them.

As a Rankpay affiliate, you have two ways to monetize your efforts:

  • On ShareASale, you can earn $25 by creating a free account through ShareASale. If you receive more than 20 signups in a month, they will raise the price to $50. Although it is not free for your referral if the SEO is successful, doing so carries no risk because they won't be responsible for any costs.

  • Directly through Rankpay - You can use pay per sale affiliate marketing to make money when you register as a Rankpay affiliate on their website.

  • This means that as long as the customer stays with Rankpay, you'll earn 10% to 20% recurring commissions on all of their services (SEO, social marketing, blog management, website maintenance, content optimization services, WordPress plugin).

  1. CreativeLive

On CreativeLive, more than 700 master creators—among them Tim Ferriss, Lindsay Adler, Lewis Howes, and Jasmine Star—teach more than 1500 both free and paid courses.

Creators have access to categories like Photo & Video, Money & Life, Art & Design, Craft & Maker, and Music & Audio.

Affiliates can earn money through pay per sale and pay per lead affiliate marketing.

  1. Merchant Equipment Store

By offering equipment and payment processing services at discounted rates, Merchant Equipment Store enables businesses to accept credit cards.

Because of its solid reputation and emphasis on providing excellent customer service and affordable prices, you can't go wrong promoting this one.

  1. ClickFunnelsClickfunnels 

ClickFunnels is an excellent piece of software that enables users to build affiliate programs, landing pages, email campaigns, receive payments, and more. Even better is their affiliate program, though.

  1. Hiscox

Hiscox markets itself as the top small business insurer in the country, specializing in personalized policies and top-notch customer support.

Business owners policies, general liability, employee and officer liability (E&O), cyber security, short-term liability, and other services are offered.

  1. SkillShare

On Skillshare, there are countless classes that can help you develop your creativity. The categories include those for design, animation, illustration, photography, writing, business, and lifestyle.

Industry experts who are enthusiastic about imparting their knowledge, experience, and resources lead each course.

  1. Rakuten


Rakuten is a free and user-friendly cashback shopping website, especially with their Chrome extension installed.

When you shop online, it will let you know if Rakuten offers cash back.

To get your money back, just click the button, and it will be automatically added to your account. After that, you just carry on as normal with your duties.

  1. Borntosell

Awarded trading software called Born to Sell enables you to make money from stocks and ETFs that you already own. In order to sell options to other people, it also makes it simple to find new investment opportunities.

You have a variety of ways to make money with this affiliate program.

You will initially receive $5 for each free trial signup. You will receive $40 and a 54% commission when the free trial turns into a paid subscriber (roughly $26.60).

Even on the second tier, you can receive 10% of the affiliate commissions that affiliates who work for you receive.

There are many ways to make money with affiliate programs that pay for leads, like this one.

  1.  Constant Contact

The email marketing tool from Constant Contact can be used by startups, bloggers, and businesspeople. Users can use e-commerce tools to increase sales, use email marketing automations to increase donations or sales, generate leads with Facebook and Instagram ads, and integrate other programs for increased productivity.

The affiliate receives $5 for each referral that signs up for a free trial. In addition, if that referral converts into a paying client, you'll receive an extra $105!

That's not bad when it comes to affiliate pay-per-lead programs.


You can now sign up for the top 8 affiliate programs listed above. and profit from it. This post will teach you more about the affiliate program.

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