What is the best CPU coolers in 2022 buyer guide?

What is the best CPU coolers in 2022 buyer guide? 

Every single CPU needs a cooler because they all produce a lot of heat. Some will only include one, which will be sufficient for low- to mid-priced parts, but once you start considering more expensive parts, you'll need to invest in one of the best CPU coolers (or anything from Intel).

There are several things to think about when choosing the CPU cooler that is best for your chip and case when it comes to cooling your CPU. If all you care about is keeping your temperatures down and not how much it will cost, something like the Cooler Master MasterLiquid ML360 Sub-Zero will be very effective.

However, inexpensive air coolers like the Cooler Master Hyper 212 Evo can keep your CPU cool, and they're also relatively easy to install.

What is the function of the CPU coolers?

No matter what brand of CPU you have, it is imperative that you use a CPU cooler. CPU coolers are made to disperse this heat away from the CPU and into the airflow of the case using a heat-conductive medium. A stock cooler may be included with some CPUs, but these are frequently ineffective for heavy workloads and only suitable for light ones. If you need a PC cooling solution that is quiet, a CPU cooler might be the ideal choice.

Is liquid cooling better for CPU?

True and false. Professional overclockers use extensive water cooling loops because of how well they control temperature. But when it comes to something you can buy off the shelf, things get a little trickier.

You should spend your money on an all-in-one liquid CPU cooler with a 280mm or 360mm radiator if you want it to compete with the cooling of a custom water cooling loop. However, that will be too much for a lot of people, and you might not even have room in your machine for it.

There will be problems with longevity as well. Custom loops are great because they can be maintained, whereas AIO loops are typically purchased, used until they burn out, and then completely replaced. The Cooler Master Hyper 212 Evo or the Noctua NH-D15 air-based CPU coolers, which keep your CPU just as cool as a 120mm or even some 240mm liquid coolers, have never needed to be replaced.

Do I need a CPU Cooler For i9-12900k?

Any processor, let alone the i9 12900K, needs a CPU cooler. Even though some cheaper processors have a stock cooler, these aren't the best for maximizing the performance of your recently purchased processor. Any processor should have a decent cooler for increased performance and even overclocking.

Do I need an AIO Cooler?

If you want more overclocking headroom and anticipate high temperatures, we advise purchasing an AIO. Others might favor AIOs because of how they look, and they are a more common option now. As a result, air coolers like the NH-D15 and Cryorig R1 deliver excellent performance.

Top CPU coolers for your PC 2022

  1. Deepcool Assassin III

It's high time Deepcool unveiled its enormous CPU air cooler to compete with the Noctua NH-D15, the industry's top dog. Review of the Deepcool Assassin III: With a TDP of 280W, the ASSASSIN III is the most potent heat-slayer. It is cold, quiet, effective, and stylish. The Deepcool has definitely created a catchy tagline. There are notable differences between the Assassin III and the Assassin II.

Because they have a larger inner surface area for effective heat dissipation, 7x sinter heat pipes were chosen by Deepcool. This results in extremely high performance, which is precisely what the Deepcool Assassin III CPU Cooler accomplishes; performance is more important than appearance.

The Noctua NH-D15 measured at 43 dB(A) and the Deepcool Assassin III at 47 dB(A) on the sound meter (A). The difference between the two is 4 dB(A). A 35.36 decibel noise level was present in the space (A).

  1. Cooler Master ML360R RGB

The ML360R RGB cooler from Cooler Master has long been one of our favorites. This is due to a number of factors, including excellent performance, appealing design, and general durability. It includes mounting accessories for AMD and Intel CPUs from various generations and supports a wide range of processors.

Among the many accessories provided are mounting brackets, various cables, an RGB/fan controller, a USB connectivity cable, and a syringe of thermal compound. You can use Cooler Master's software to control this cooler's lighting by connecting the USB cable. The pump is quite tall at 52.9mm and the cooler is 25.1mm thick.

Adding the RGB controller module is a great idea. To make the most of the lighting, however, you should mentally get ready to deal with a ton of cables. This module can be fastened to the interior of any case thanks to its magnetic base. The pump is fashionable and rounded in design. The lighting effects on the pump are tasteful and understated. The premium design is further enhanced by the addition of nylon braiding as protection for the rubber tubing.

  1. Arctic Liquid Freezer II

Their Freezer II CPU cooler has grown in popularity as a result of its exceptional value and distinctive design. The business made the decision to use a custom design for the pump. In order to avoid having to rely on Asetek for pump design, many manufacturers are doing this.

The outcomes finally pay off because this unexpected hit. This pump's design is peculiar and almost futuristic. It has an internal fan that blows air over the CPU block. Additionally, it helps keep the memory modules and heatsinks on the motherboard cool.

The cold plate in this instance is made of copper, let's move on. The pump is quite big, so mounting it can be difficult. But up until now, this is the only drawback. In this instance, the radiator is 38mm thick and made of aluminum. One of the factors in the excellent performance is the thickness, which is greater than most coolers on the market. The fans are Arctic P14 fans with dynamic fluid bearings. They can rotate at a maximum speed of 1700 RPM. The overall static pressure is increased because of how closely these fans are spaced apart.


A CPU cooler that is compatible with Intel's new Core i9 12900K processor is required. It's a strong processor, but when overclocked, it gets hot and needs a suitable cooling system. Overheating can be avoided by using a CPU cooler to keep the airflow moving and dissipate heat.

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