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What is the Best mobile chipset comparison in 2022

 What is the Best mobile chipset comparison in 2022?

Smartphones come in a wide variety, and nearly all of them have distinctive chipsets. Every smartphone must have a powerful chipset because it affects user experience and leaves a lasting impression.

Unquestionably, one of the most important components of a smartphone is the processor. The performance of the processor has a direct impact on the phone's speed, gaming capabilities, user experience, and battery life.

Your favorite apps will launch instantly on a smartphone with a fast processor, allowing you to complete your task quickly. A phone with a weaker processor, however, will perform worse and may have issues like overheating, lag, and poor battery life.

Because the GPU is integrated into the chip, it also has a big impact on how smoothly games run. Because of this, a mobile chip should be referred to as a SOC (System-on-chip).

Numerous new mobile processors enter the smartphone market each year. Each one stands out and is the ideal CPU for portable devices. The capabilities of each processor are, however, divided by a thin line. One offers better gaming performance, the other better camera quality, and some offer wonderful experiences all around.

We've ranked the top mobile processors in this article and determined which is the best. This will help you quickly determine which smartphone processor is best so that you can choose your next gadget.

About CPU

A processor is an electronic circuit that manages the device's instruction set, to put it technically. Numerous logic gates, an arithmetic logic component, combination logic, main memory, and IO are all included. A variety of processing threads, including an AI engine and image signal processors, are present in today's mobile processors.

These processors were created with smartphone users in mind. The management of computing operations, voice messaging, image creation, camera calibration, and mobile networking are all scheduled for them. Simply put, they are the intelligent mobile processors of the next generation, which is why the term "System-on-Chip" is used to describe the current generation of mobile processors (SoC). To find significant improvements in processor performance, additional testing is necessary due to the complexity of these SoCs.

About GPU

Video rendering, 3D animation, and video playback are the only processing operations carried out by a GPU. Simply put, it's a more efficient processor that simplifies the process of making videos and playing games. GPUs are a crucial component of the system architecture in modern computing because nearly everything that is close to a computer, such as a smartphone, laptop, workstation, PC, playstation, etc., has one.

In addition to the CPU, the GPU is the close relative that gave rise to it (central processing unit). GPUs are made to accelerate software that requires lots of graphics. Knowing the GPU rankings can help you choose the system that best suits your needs when you're looking for one.


A common technique for assessing a SoC's performance using particular matrices is benchmarking. These matrices are merely grades that the SoC is given following a test's completion. Simply put, the most exhaustive testing imaginable is performed on SoCs to determine their computational capabilities. You can test the CPU's general performance, battery life, and game performance.

The Apple A15 Bionic is currently the best smartphone processor available. The M1 Chipset found in the Apple iPad powers the new iPhone 13 series.

How to understand Geekbench Benchmark?

The Geekbench uses a variety of matrices to calculate scores. According to Geekbench, each score is generated by executing numerous computation tasks on the SoC. Real-world studies frequently use floating-point workloads, API analysis, and cryptography. In a nutshell, the higher the score, the more important the mobile processor's performance is.

Best Mobile Gaming Processor/CPU?

The main takeaway from this is that if your primary smartphone usage involves gaming, video editing, and intensive multitasking, the best, highest-scoring chipsets are the way to go.

If you are a casual user who does not put a lot of demand on devices and only requires a seamless browsing, texting, and content viewing experience, any of the 70-100 scoring chipsets from the list should be adequate. I will only recommend the 55-70 scoring processors if you have a tight budget because they are not bad either, but they occasionally may not perform well.

Best Processor for Mobile 2022

As a result, we've compiled a list of the top 7 mobile processors here, along with their rankings and benchmark results from various testing websites. This list can help you locate the top smartphone processor and make a knowledgeable buying choice.

  1. Apple A15 Bionic

Phone – iPhone 13 Pro, iPhone 13 Pro max, iPhone 13, iPhone 13 mini.


  • Apple A15 Bionic chip (5 nm).

  • Hexa-core CPU (4x1.82 GHz Blizzard + 2x3.23 GHz Avalanche).

  • The Apple GPU (4-core graphics).

GeekBench 1722 / 4685

  1. Dimensity 9000

Phone - Vivo X80


  • MediaTek Dimensity 9000 chipset (4 nm).

  • Octa-core CPU (1x3.00 GHz Cortex-X2 & 3x2.40 GHz Cortex-A710 & 4x1.70 GHz Cortex-A510) Octa-core (1x3.05 GHz Cortex-X2 & 3x2.85 GHz Cortex-A710 & 4x1.80 GHz Cortex-A510).

  • Adreno 730 Mali-G710 MC10 is the third GPU.

GeekBench 1179/4189

  1. Snapdragon 8 Gen 1

Phone - OnePlus 10 Pro


  • Quacomm SM8450 Snadragon 8 Gen 1 Chipset (4nm).

  • Octa-core CPU (1x2.00 GHz Cortex-X1 & 4x2.50 GHz Cortex-A720 & 4x1.80 GH Cortex-A510).

  • Adreno 730 GPU.

GeekBench 1259/4189

  1. Apple A14 Bionic

Phone - Apple iPhone 12, Iphone 12 pro, iphone 12 pro max


  • Apple A14 Bionic chip (5 nm).

  • Hexa-core CPU (four 1.8 GHz Icestorm and two 3.1 GHz Firestorm).

  • The Apple GPU (4-core graphics).

GeekBench 1613 / 3909

  1. Snapdragon 888 Plus

Phone - Asus ROG Phone 5S


  • Qualcomm SM8350 Snapdragon 888+ 5G chipset (5 nm).

  • Octa-core CPU (1x2.99 GHz Cortex-X1 & 3x2.42 GHz Cortex-A78 & 4x1.80 GHz Cortex-A55).

  • Adreno 660 GPU.

GeekBench 1160 / 2834

  1. Exynos 2200

Phone - Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra


  • Exynos 2200 chipset (4 nm).

  • Octa-core CPU (1x2.7 GHz Cortex-X2 & 3x1.50 GHz Cortex-A710 & 3x1.8 GHz Cortex-A51O).

  • Xclipse 920 GPU.

GeekBench 934/2925


Each mobile processor is a unique collection of SoCs, and the performance of each will differ from the next. Therefore, understanding the usability of the device is the best way to choose a smartphone with the best chipset. You can find everything you need on our list of the top mobile processors, whether you just want to take some incredible pictures, play games, or are a hybrid user who uses all the features of their smartphone.

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