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7 Benefits of Auto Insurance You May Not Know About

 7 Benefits of Auto Insurance You May Not Know About

You probably know how necessary it is to have auto insurance, but do you know all the benefits? From those times when you’ve gotten into an accident to when you haven’t, there are some serious advantages to having auto insurance that you may not be aware of. Here are seven benefits of auto insurance you might not know about.

1) Coverage for Your Car

If you need coverage for your car, there are a number of reasons why it might be a good idea to invest in auto insurance. It can provide protection for your car in the event that it is stolen or damaged, and you may also get coverage for medical expenses incurred from an accident. Plus, with some plans, if you are in an accident and found to be at fault, the company will reimburse you for any income lost during the time it takes to recover. However, not all states require drivers to have coverage which means that they may not know the true value of their investment without experiencing what they could lose. 

 There are many benefits to investing in auto insurance, so ask yourself these questions: What would happen if I were involved in an accident? What would happen if my car was stolen? Would I be able to replace it? Would I have enough money on hand to cover repairs after an accident? Can my personal savings afford this type of expense?

2) Coverage for Other Drivers

If you have car insurance, you may be covered for other drivers who are driving your car without permission. This is often referred to as uninsured motorist coverage. It's a good idea to check your policy to see if this applies to you. If you are in an accident with an uninsured driver, the insurance company will pay for damages up to the value of your policy limits. If you're in a car accident and your vehicle is damaged but not totaled, chances are you'll want to take it to the repair shop. But what if the other driver was at fault? If they don't have auto insurance, you may be stuck footing the bill for their damages. That's where uninsured motorist coverage comes in handy. It covers damage caused by other drivers who either don't have insurance or whose insurance doesn't cover damage to your car. Depending on how much coverage you buy and what state you live in, it can also protect your wages should you suffer injuries that keep you out of work. 

A deductible is the amount of money that must be paid out-of-pocket before your insurer starts paying out claims.

3) Coverage for Your Passengers

If you are the driver and you carry passengers in your car, then you need to know about coverage for passengers. No matter how careful you may be, there is always a chance that someone could get injured or hurt in your vehicle. If this happens, it is important that you have the proper coverage so that they are protected and can recover from any damages incurred. This will also help ensure that your own insurance rates do not go up due to an incident with a passenger in your vehicle. -Shopping around: When it comes time to shop for auto insurance, it is important that you shop around before settling on just one company. Different companies offer different levels of coverage and discounts, which means one company might be much cheaper than another when all things are considered. 

-Utilize Credit Score: One way many people find out if they qualify for discounts is by checking their credit score first before making any inquiries with an insurance company.

4) Uninsured and underinsured motorist coverage

Uninsured and underinsured motorist coverage protects you in the event that you are involved in an accident with a driver who does not have insurance. If this is the case, uninsured motorist coverage will help cover the costs of your damages while underinsured motorist coverage will help cover your medical bills. These are just two examples. To see other benefits, click here to read more. It’s important for all drivers to know about these types so they can find one that best fits their needs. For example, some people may want to carry higher liability limits than others since they live in an area with high crime rates. The best way to make sure you're covered properly is by contacting your agent and asking questions until you feel confident that the policy you're purchasing suits all of your needs! Your best bet when it comes to choosing auto insurance policies is doing thorough research on the policies available and talking with your agent before deciding on one. By knowing which coverage options fit your needs, you'll be able to avoid unexpected surprises such as being turned down due to preexisting conditions or not having enough money saved up for a deductible if you need major repairs from damage done during an accident.

5) Medical Payments Coverage

Medical Payments Coverage reimburses you and your passengers for the cost of medical treatment. This coverage can reimburse you up to $15,000 per person, with a total limit of $30,000 per accident. It will cover the cost of necessary medical care as well as lost wages due to being unable to work.  When making a claim under this provision, it is important that you do not sign any papers or release any statements before speaking with an attorney. Uninsured/Underinsured Motorist Coverage: Uninsured/Underinsured Motorist Coverage will protect you if the driver who hits you doesn’t have insurance or not enough insurance to pay for all damages.

6) Rental Car Reimbursement

When you're on a business trip, it's best to have a rental car. But with the high cost of renting a car in some locations, it can be expensive. Luckily, many car insurance companies offer coverage for rental cars that reimburses up to $25 per day or $100 per accident. If you're going on a long trip and will need to rent a car during your travels, make sure to check with your insurance company before booking the vehicle! They may even reimburse you if the car is damaged while being rented.  Personal Injury Protection: Personal injury protection pays for medical expenses related to a driver's injuries following an accident. It also covers lost wages for up to three years if an injury prevents someone from working. With this protection, injured drivers don't have to worry about having their bills go unpaid.  Uninsured/Underinsured Motorist Coverage: Uninsured/underinsured motorist coverage helps pay for damages caused by another driver without adequate insurance or a driver without any at all.

7) Roadside Assistance

One less thing to worry about when driving on the road is roadside assistance. If you get a flat tire, have car trouble, or run out of gas, you can call for help from a tow truck or service station that might be in your area. Many insurance providers offer this type of coverage for their customers at an additional cost. There are also standalone roadside assistance programs available as well. These companies will come to wherever you are and take care of your vehicle troubles. It's nice knowing that if anything goes wrong on the road, there will be someone there to help!


Auto insurance can be a lifesaver if you find yourself in an accident. It's important to understand the many different types of coverage available, as well as the benefits that come with it. If you're shopping for auto insurance, these 7 benefits may help you decide which policy is right for your needs.

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