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Some profitable domestic commercial enterprise ideas for domestic business

Some profitable domestic commercial enterprise ideas for “domestic business”

In this article I will share some home business ideas for women, retired persons, students or anyone who is thinking of starting a home business. These businesses you can start from home and if done well, the profit potential is huge.

Most home businesses, at first, have to start small though, after success, they can be turned into a large firm or company. But, it all depends on your hard work and capacity.

Moreover, there are some professional business ideas through which you can start a business at home without any money.

What domestic business can be done at home?

Maybe you are thinking of leaving your full-time job and starting a business at home, or the idea of ​​starting a part-time business came to your mind as soon as you got the job.

In both cases, you can do these home based businesses and improve your financial condition.

Blogging business

When it comes to making money working from home, my first favorite choice would be “Blogging“. Because, by blogging myself I am earning very good amount of money per month and I don't have to spend much time for this work.

Just by spending 2 to 3 hours a day, I am earning more than 20k per month by blogging. These days, hundreds of humans from specific international locations and overseas are incomes top amount of money in keeping with month on blogging core. It is so much money that many have left their high salary paying jobs.

So, if you have basic internet and computer knowledge, then definitely start a blogging business. This is very profitable.

All you need is a laptop or computer and internet. Then you have to create a blog. In addition, you must have experience or knowledge in any subject about which you will write articles.

Keep writing blog articles on good topics and once the blog starts getting traffic and visitors, it is possible to earn thousands through Google adsense, affiliate marketing, paid promotion and many more.

YouTube channel business

Now you can earn thousands of rupees per month by making good videos just by using your mobile at home.

Hey, many are doing and many are successful in this online business.

I am talking about creating your own “YouTube channel” and earning money by uploading videos to it. You need to create a YouTube channel and it is completely free. Then, you have to upload your own video to your channel. You can make videos on any subject or topic. Then, after a few days of uploading good videos, when your channel gets more subscribers, you can monetize your YouTube channel in various ways.

For example, Google adsense, paid promotion, affiliate marketing. Remember, the more views your videos get, the more money you have.

Because, the more people watch your video, the more ads will be shown on your videos by Google Adsense. As a result, income opportunities will increase. Today, there are thousands of You Tubers in many countries, including Canada, who have become very successful with their own YouTube channels.

And, many are working as owners by creating an office.

However, it is profitable to start this YouTube business at home in the first instance.

Moreover, many successful You Tubers still run this online business from the comfort of their own homes.


YouTube is said to be the easiest and most reliable way to earn money from the Internet.

Through PTC websites

You can earn money by working from home through PTC websites. It can also be considered as a kind of online business.

There are some online websites on the Internet that hire people to do various types of work and pay them some money for that work.

For example, 

Watching online ads, playing online games, doing surveys

The extra you figure, the extra money you may earn.

So, these types of online PTC websites can also be taken as a home business if done professionally.

Moreover, you can work on these PTC websites as a part-time business.

Home based cloth business

These days the business of clothes is very profitable. And, if it's good quality, nice clothes, anyone else will also buy clothes from you. Be it kid’s clothes, adult’s clothes or just sarees or shirts all can be sold easily.

So, you can bring some good quality sarees or other good quality clothes to your home and run a clothes business from home.

If people like your clothes collection and prices, then believe me, your house will be crowded with customers like a store.

But again, everyone wants to buy good and beautiful sarees or other clothes at low prices. It makes no difference whether it's from your shop or home.

However, you need to do a little marketing of your home textile business. In this, customers will know about your business.

Then, one person hears from another person, then another person hears from one person and another person will line up to buy clothes from your house.

Designer dia & craft making

If you have the technique to make different types of clay pots beautifully then you can start this craft business from home.


To make various types of earthen vessels like lamps, pitchers, fountains, earthen ornaments or make them more beautiful by using colors.

You can make and decorate such beautiful clay items and sell them on various online websites. Moreover, you can also sell them at local stores in your area.

You don't need any special money to start this business. Businesses can be started with very little money.

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